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What Causes Hair Fall?

For our body, hair is the slightest critical organ, as it is not fundamental to body’s survival like different organs eg. Heart, lungs, mind, kidneys and so forth. So at whatever point our body is put through any serious anxiety, blood supply and sustenance gets occupied to imperative organs, leaving hairhigh and dry. This makes the hair enter untimely shedding stage, offering ascend to hairfall. On the off chance that it is not controlled early, can offer ascent to hairthinning and inevitably unsalvageable harm to hair-roots.

Basic burdens seen today in ladies in their 20’s in metros: sporadic dietary example because of work weights (skipping breakfasts, eating overwhelming suppers with vast holes between dinners), insufficient admission of right supplements (particularly proteins and small scale supplements), deficient rest, smoking, absence of normal work out, hormonal irregular characteristics (eg. PCOD, thyroid issues), numerous salon medicines additionally harming the hairbonds. These have an unfriendly effect.

What would it be advisable for one to do to address this issue?

How to keep the hairfall?

Begin with essentials – eating regimen, practice and right care administration. Day by day Diet ought to incorporate no less than 2 helpings proteins (grows, egg whites, paneer, yogurt and so forth), 2 vivid natural products/servings of mixed greens (pomegranates, fruits, berries, carrots, verdant vegetables and so on) and 2-3 entire walnuts. Guarantee normal suppers, customary practice and no less than 6-8 hrs of rest. Haircare administration ought to incorporate shampoos and conditioner that suit you; including supplements help a great deal. Decide on hairhealth advancing medications that restore it – these make the root and follicles solid and sound. These assistance to defeat the harm brought about by day by day push.

How to treat the hairfall?

The key to effective hair-fall treatment is to start early. Treatments that work the best are tailor-made treatments with a 360 degree approach that includes – Getting to the root of your unique hair and scalp condition, Balancing the nutrition with special hair-nutrients, Repairing the damage with scalp rejuvenation, Hair-growth treatments that control hair-fall & regrow it again, and of course, identifying and treating any hormonal imbalances.

Hair fall treatments that revive and regrow hair from within include Nutri-drive that delivers nutrients at the roots, Biogenesis that improves the circulation at the roots and produces hair-growth factors. These together make the roots stronger, control hairfall and stimulate new hair-growth.

  • Could you share some simple hair grooming tips for women?

— Eat right, ensure that you have each of the following in your diet everyday

  • 3-4 almonds / walnuts / 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds
  • Cooked egg whites / Soya / Sprouts
  • 2-3 cups of green tea
  • 2-3 litres of water

— Remember to smile a lot during the day…it relieves stress effectively. Yoga, run, jog, dance whatever works for you but ensure 30-45 mins of physical activity everyday.

— Avoid salon treatments like straightening, ironing, colouring etc if you already have hair-health concerns. Work on making your hair and scalp healthy, they will then withstand the damages better.

— Air dry your hair, or use cold mode on blow-dryer. Avoid heating.

— Treat dandruff promptly with good anti-dandruff shampoos, but remember to keep them on for at least 5 mins before rinsing off. Else all that effort goes down the drain.

— Wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week, condition them well. Remember any shampoo or conditioner can notcause hairfall, nor can it prevent it.

— After colouring or similar salon treatments, ensure that you use acidic pH shampoos and conditioners. These preserve the cuticle better and reduce damage.

Have you noticed a rise in young women undergoing hairfall?

Yes, this has been increasing in the past decade. I see more and more young women coming with hair-fall complaints. Some young women even have hair-loss to the extent that their scalp start showing through the hair – the type hair-loss pattern seen in many mature women in their 40’s.

The sad part is – this hairfall affects their self-confidence to such an extent that they are not able to face the society. Especially at an age when they need it the most.

However the good news is – all these can be very effectively treated if treatments are started on time. What is even more important is to prevent it by hair-friendly lifestyle as above. And your hair will thank you for it.