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Know more About Vaser Liposuction

We generally search for approaches to thin down our body with no exertion included. Be that as it may, there are likewise a few people who have done everything close by from eating adjusted eating regimen to practice and a great deal progressively yet didn’t get the wanted outcome.
Along these lines, in the event that you need to dispose of abundance fat from your body, Vaser liposuction is the best decision for you. Regardless of whether you might want to lose few pounds in your thighs, stomach area or midriff or basically need to shape your trunk, jaw line or neck you can decide on Vaser lipo that can give you coveted outcome.

What is Vaser lipo?

To take out undesirable fat and to enhance the state of your body Vaser lipo is a perfect choice. It is a fat expulsion innovation that emulsifies fat with the assistance of ultrasonic vitality. It is a delicate and exact method that expels fat without hurting other indispensable tissues. The technique give emotional reshaping and unsurprising outcomes with little downtime.

In any case, what occurs amid the method?

Amid the system the specialist will infuse greasy tissue with tumescent liquid that is then treated with Vaser innovation. This innovation causes the fat to emulsify that can be suctioned out with the assistance of a cannula. You will feel incredible looking and smooth skin without the fat after the strategy.

What are the benefits of Vaser lipo?
  • It is a specialized and minimally invasive technique
  • Can be performed under local anesthetic
  • A walk-in-walk-out procedure
  • No damage to the surrounding tissues
  • Patients can see the results immediately after the procedure
How Vaser liposuction is Different from Traditional Liposuction?
If you find that even a healthy combination of diet and exercise did not help you in shifting your fatty lumps from certain parts of your body especially thighs, arms or hips then you can opt for a laser treatment. You have heard about liposuction as well as Vaser liposuction but are confused over which one to choose? To clear your confusion here are some differences that provides better idea about the two:
  • While Vaser lipo can be performed on both larger areas as well as smaller areas of the body, the traditional liposuction performed on the hips, abdomen, thighs, face and buttocks.
  • Traditional liposuction means simply taking out the fat with the help of a vacuum under the skin. Vaser lipo however, uses state-of-the-art technology that uses ultrasound to melt the fat before taking it out with a cannula.
  • After the traditional liposuction the incision will be closed with stitches or left opened to prevent swelling. On the other hand Vaser lipo is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a small probe to emit ultrasound energy to dissolve fat which is then suctioned out.
  • Vaser lipo is carried out under local anesthetic and is an out-patient procedure; traditional liposuction is performed under general anesthetic and requires overnight hospital stay.
  • Depending on the treated area traditional liposuction procedure can last for one to three hours, while Vaser lipo takes less time to perform and involves minimal downtime.
  • Vaser lipo is suitable for both men and women who want a more prominent look around their muscles. Traditional liposuction mostly treats larger areas on larger patients who have a high BMI.
  • Traditional liposuction can be combined with Abdominoplasty commonly known as Tummy tuck during the removal of excess or sagging skin. Vaser lipo has no such combination.
  • While Vaser lipo targets small pockets of stubborn fat that cannot be removed with diet and exercise. Traditional liposuction performed on larger areas of the body.
  • Suitable candidate for traditional liposuction are those who are tend to be larger. Best candidates for Vaser lipo are those who want to remove small amount of fats from certain areas.
  • In Vaser lipo patients have to wait only 2 to 3 weeks before returning to normal activities. However, in traditional liposuction it can take many weeks to go back to normal life.
It is true that Vaser liposuction has become very popular in London that is an easy procedure compared to the traditional one but before opting you should make yourself aware of its pros and cons and explore other things as well. Moreover, in London your will find many reputed clinics that helps in determining your candidacy it is better to take professional help. However, before opting make sure that you have realistic expectation.