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About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the best answer for you on the off chance that you are tired of always shaving, wax or tweeze, , you have a decision of a portion of the best centers on the planet. The procedure of laser hair removal may sound simple, yet one must recall that it is a methodology and in this way a sufficient measure of readiness must be done in advance.

Laser hair removal, has its points of interest. The treatment is exact, guaranteeing that lone the dull and coarse hair is focused on, leaving the skin in the encompassing range undamaged. It is fast. The laser can target numerous hair follicles in the meantime. To give you an illustration, the treatment on the upper lip takes not as much as a moment. Above all, it is unsurprising – which implies that most patients experience finish male pattern baldness after the endorsed measure of sessions.

Laying the ground work

Before you begin your laser hair removal treatment, you need to prep your skin. This is very important because this is a medical procedure. To begin with you should stop plucking, electrolysis and waxing at least 6 weeks before the treatment. These methods remove hair from the roots, which are actually required for the laser treatment. Shaving is ok, but you need to check with the technician first. Limiting your exposure to the sun is also advisable for 6 weeks before and after the treatment. Exposure before interferes with the effectiveness of the laser, while exposure after can cause complications.

A run through of the actual process

Before you begin the actual process of laser hair removal, clinics will trim the hair of the given area so that it is just above the skin. Then the equipment is fine tuned to match the location, color and thickness of your hair that is being treated. Protective eye wear may be required for both you and the technician. The next step is to coat the outer layers of the skin, in the area to be treated, with a cold gel or a cooling device. This helps the laser penetrate the skin. A test patch is done to check for effectiveness and adverse reactions. Ice packs and anti inflammatory lotions are applied post treatment to soothe the area. The technicians will also advice you on the next treatment session.